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About Me

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Hi, I'm Doug Hilton

I have been working in the counselling field full-time for over 30 years.

I have worked in a wide variety of settings and with  people from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

At one time or another I have specialized in working with all of the different age groups.

I have extensive experience working with trauma and addictions, including problem gambling.

Unique Treatment

30 Years Of Experience

The basic process is to clean (not just dry out) and then balance and strengthen the person on all levels.

If you are familiar with counselling approaches, my theoretical orientation is a blend of Adlerian and Gestalt in combination with different approaches and ideas that I have gratefully learned from colleagues over the years.

I try hard to be transparent and clear in my approach and work hard to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible.

My combined home and office space are designed to show people how they can create an environment that supports their health and healing as well as to offer a full complement of holistic treatments.

The result is the best and most comprehensive set of programs that I can offer after 30 years of training and experience.

The programs that I offer are more about healing and training than they are about information and insight.

The treatments are non-invasive and do not involve drugs or side-effects.

The training exercises are simple, quick and easy to understand.

The pace, content and length of the programs are tailored to the needs of the client.


  • Masters Degree In Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary
  • Certified In Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing  (EMDR), Level II
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Basic Level
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
  • Certified Universal Healing Tao Chi Kung Instructor
  • Certified Chi Nei Tsang  (Internal Organ Massage) Practitioner, Level II
  • Certified Cosmic Healing Practitioner, Level I

Watch Now

EMDR and the Universal Healing Tao Sample

Try a new healing practice, Taoist Emotional Recycling, to learn how to let go of negative emotions that are connected to your past experiences.

Check out a video introduction to Taoist Emotional Recycling by Doug Hilton on Youtube.


“What happens when you combine modern counselling techniques with ancient Taoist practices?

How might EMDR and Healing Tao techniques such as Taoist Emotional Recycling help people with emotional trauma?

What other benefits might it have?

Join us with Doug Hilton as we explore how these fascinating techniques can be used to encourage physical, mental and spiritual balance and health.

Doug Hilton is a certified Universal Healing Tao instructor and EMDR practitioner, with a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology from the University of Calgary.

Having practiced counseling for more than 20 years, he recently coauthored a book with Mantak Chia called: EMDR and The Universal Healing Tao: An Energy Psychology Approach to Overcoming Emotional Trauma, available where ever books are sold.”

Ashton Szabo

“For Beyond 50’s “Natural Healing” talks, listen to an interview with Doug Hilton.

He is a Healing Tao instructor and co-author with Mantak Chia, a world-famous Inner Alchemy and Chi Kung master.

Hilton explain about an Energy Psychology approach to overcoming emotional trauma, combining the 5,000-year-old Taoist Chi Kung system to recycle negative emotional states into positive energy with EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

It can address the emotional imbalances underlying depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even addiction.”

Joy and Daniel Davis

“Doug Hilton is a psychotherapist and Chi Kung instructor who works in British Columbia, Canada.

Doug has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, both from the University of Calgary.

He has been working in the counselling field since 1992.

His areas of specialization are marriage and family counselling, trauma and addictions.

He has specialized training in hypnosis, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Doug combines traditional Western psychotherapy methods with Chi Kung to provide his clients with a holistic treatment experience.

The Universal Healing Tao practices that Doug has learned from Master Mantak Chia provide simple and powerful ways for people to learn how to heal and balance themselves on all levels, which is very helpful in addressing virtually any concern that a client brings to Doug.

Dr. Rebecca Risk

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With my help, you can learn powerful self-healing practices that can be applied quickly to address unhealthy or unwanted patterns, trauma, anxiety, depression and addictions.

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Client reviews

"I'd like to take this time to express my profound appreciation for the kindness, professionalism, and expertise of Mr. Doug Hilton. For some time, I had been experiencing a lot of psychological and emotional stressors in the form of fear, anxiety, old memories etc. that were depleting my energy reserves and causing me extreme overall discomfort. I was fortunate to discover Mr. Hilton's book, Taoist Emotional Recycling with Master Mantak Chia. After reading the book, I decided to call Mr Hilton and ask if he could help me. Following our initial contact, I was impressed and elated that I had found a professional who could understand and was sensitive to my specific issues. Mr Hilton was an excellent listener and was able to guide me through the TER approach to alleviating psychological and emotional stress. As a result of my experience, I would highly recommend him to any group organization or individual seeking peace and harmony and overall balance in their lives."
"I am thrilled to offer my heartfelt testimonial for Doug Hilton, who has been an absolute guiding light in my journey towards overcoming addiction. I cannot thank him enough for the profound impact he has had on my life."